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Ceramic coatings

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We install the BEST Ceramic Coating the market offers, because YOU Deserve the BEST. 

Why choose a Ceramic Coating over a Wax?


Ceramic Coatings are known for their unmatched durability. Ceramic Coatings last years rather than months with a standard wax. They provide unmatched gloss and protection, while making cleaning a breeze! 


Ceramic Coating Packages


2 Year Coating 

Starting Price $800*

  • Wash and decontaminate paint

  • One step paint correction to remove light to moderate defects in the paint

  • 2 Year ceramic coating applied

  • Some vehicles may not apply if the paint work needs a more aggressive correction


5 Year Coating

Starting price $1200*

  • Wash and decontaminate paint

  • Two step correction including a heavy cut compound and polish service to remove deeper defects in the paint to restore clarity and gloss to the paint

  • Gtechniq Crystal Serum Light is applied to the paint as the base coat and topped with Gtechniq exo is applied as a top coat

  • Wheel faces will be coated as well


10 Year Coating

Starting Price $1600*

  • This is our top ceramic coating package that we offer

  • Wash and decontaminate paint

  • Two-three step correction to remove as many defects and imperfections in the paint as possible to bring the paint to a near perfect finish

  • Gtechniqs top ceramic coating is applied to all painted surfaces 

  • Wheels faces, trim and glass will be coated with this package as. If you would like the wheel barrels coated as well there will be an additional charge.

Ceramic Coating Add-Ons

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